Selecting Gems stone


Choosing the right stone : This must be done by a competent astrologist. The horoscope must be analyzed thoroughly to counsel a decent stone.  Actually  we have seen lots of the folks sporting wrong stones. Please bear in mind that if incompatible stones or the stones of dangerous homes area unit worn, they’ll provide aspect effects. it’s terribly vital that the stones of maraka (killer) homes aren’t worn as they’ll sway be harmful. As way as doable the stones of malevolent planets.
Quality of stone :Quality of stone in terms of cut, clarity, color and luster ought to be sensible. Stones with irregularities and internal cracks ought to be avoided. If sure areas/pockets of stone tend to exhibit sensible color that changes in hue and size because the stone is affected, this is often thought-about a defect and therefore the stone ought to be rejected. The clearer the stone the higher it’s. artificial and with chemicals treated stones ought to be rejected. Stones ought to be natural and untreated.
Suitability : Most of the folks simply purchase the stones and begin sporting them that isn’t the correct manner. Stone must always be tested before sporting. it’s going to be a decent stone as per your horoscope however it still has to be tested. It may be tested by keeping the stone/ring beneath your pillow at nighttime or sporting the stone on your body in order that it touches your skin. It ought to be done at nighttime solely. make out for seven nights and see if you notice unhealthy health, unhealthy news or unhealthy dreams etc. If you do, then the stone isn’t appropriate for you. Please reject it. don’t be concerned there square measure several alternative remedial measures in star divination that you’ll adopt.
Muhurta :This is one amongst the foremost vital steps in carrying a crystal. the earth whose stone you’re progressing to wear ought to be during a smart position and powerful at the time of carrying. with the exception of this, the nakshatra on the day of carrying ought to be auspicious. Stones should be worn throughout shukla paksha (bright half moon) and on the day of the earth whose stone is being worn. This fast reference guide is referred for the times of each stone.
  1.  Ring ought to be created in such the way that very cheap of the stone keeps touching   the  skin. instead a pendant may be created, provided it touches the skin.
  2.  Dip the ring/pendant in unboiled milk or ganga jal an evening before.
  3.  Rise up early within the morning because the ring ought to be worn at intervals one hour of sunrise. Take tub and wear clean garments. ideally wear the colour of the world whose stone you’re about to wear.

How to Identify Gemstones